After my first business failure I felt really heartbroken and was looking for my purpose. Then one day it hit me: I wanted to make this world a better place - no matter what.

So for the next 14 years I set out to work as a media-design and branding freelancer while being engaged as a volunteer wherever I went.

Over time I became better at diagnosing strategy issues with my clients and learned how to direct people to craft an identity that is supportive of their vision and streamline everything they do to achieve the best results and get clients.

I now work with holistic life & health coaches and trainers and I help them make more so they can make a bigger difference.


I was lucky to be born into a family that was open-minded and conscious.

My father was into Bhagwan at the time I was born and was absolutely obsessed with helping humanity through his naturopathic discoveries for the rest of his life. He planted a deep desire and understanding in my heart that life is not only about filling up your bank account but about living a life of purpose and happiness.

My mother was a painter and I could always watch her create those beautiful oil landscapes on canvas. She painted outside and allowed me to be there with her. Her love for nature was contagious.

My parents gave me a deep love and appreciation for mother nature and humanity which have shaped my life.

Apart from my parents and my grandmother my grand uncle was a huge inspiration for me when I was a child. He was a resistance fighter and catholic priest in Nazi-Germany, sent to a concentration camp for high treason in 1938 and then freed by Americans in 1945. He taught me to always stand up for what you believe and that just because you think you won’t make a difference it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything - it’s our obligation to take action, no matter if we believe we can make a difference or not.

When I left high school and went to college and university to study philosophy and later on media design I soon began traveling the world as a backpacker discovering different cultures on my own and my love for human diversity and my compassion for those in need grew.

After experiencing my first business failure I was heartbroken.

For the first time in my lifeI didn't know what to do next and felt hopeless. Until one day it suddenly hit me and I knew it: I needed to put every possible effort into making this world a better place - no matter what!

So I decided to embark on a journey making a living as marketing freelancer while doing good as volunteer. I began traveling and living in places like Iran, India, South East Asia and South America and looked for volunteer opportunities along the way so I could be involved with humanitarian work and start giving back the way I wanted to.

In 2010 I met my wife in Peru. We were both mixing concrete in a humanitarian relief project right after a major earthquake in the coastal town of Pisco.

Early 2011 my dad passed away so I went home and we took care of the mess. After we dealt with everything we decided to continue to follow our passion together so we started traveling and volunteering again. Our travels took us to Nepal, India, Thailand, Australia, Argentina and back to Peru where our two sons were born.

While for the first 10 years of my life as a freelancer I would work as a generalist doing everything from web-design to branding in the past couple of years a pattern started to emerge and sales, branding and strategy really became my passion. To connect that area with helping people who are consciously making an effort to bring this world forward seemed like the perfect plan.

So I developed a program based on everything I have done and learned over the years to help clients gain clarity on how to move forward and get clients.

I now help Holistic Life & Health Coaches and Trainers To Consistently get 2 new Hight Ticket Clients a month by Being Their Branding And Marketing Manager for 12 Months and leading them through The Impact-brand Transformation. 

Together we

  • gain clarity and understand your business in a new and different way
  • streamline your brand so that it's sharp as a knife
  • develop messaging that resonates with your customers
  • boost your sales strategy without selling your soul
  • and ultimately set you up with an ethical online marketing system to generate leads on autopilot

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?