When you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start to move forward with your business take a step back and breathe.

🌲🌳Go out, have a walk and just breathe - nothing else.🌲🌳

When you come back sit down, take a blank piece of paper and focus on one thing:The person you are aiming to help with your Coaching or Training offer.

🔥1) Now write down a description of them as if it was a fictional character. Be as detailed as possible in describing their life situation, what’s going on in their work, ihow do their relationships look like, etc.

When you are done with this exercise read the whole text again and now ask yourself 

🔥2) Take another piece of paper and use it to write down what your ideal customers future will look like after they worked with you.

How is their life going to be different after they have worked with you.What are their relationships going to look and feel like?How about their finances?How about their self perception?

Look at as many different aspects of their life as possible and define the life YOU are working towards with them.

🔥3) When you are done with the second sheet of paper put them side by side. look at each aspect
and write down one sentence per aspect about how it is transformed by you (on a third piece of paper that is)

For example:

Current: Living in miserable relationship

Future: Living in fulfilled relationship

Transformational conclusion: From miserable to fulfilled relationship

👉After you’ve done that you will have a list of transformational promises that you can use in your messaging and that will help you connect with your prospects on different layers of their problems AND 👉(and this is more of a mindset thing) it will show you how helpful you are, how important your work is for this world and it will empower you to own that transformational power you carry within you.

🔥How the hell can we reach more customers?🔥

That’s more or less the most common question I get asked.

The first thing I reply is usually

„Who is your ideal customer and what are you currently doing to reach him?“.

Then they list whatever type of marketing they are currently engaged in and how it’s all a more or less painful process that seems to only cost money and not get them anywhere.

It’s usually the marketing consultant’s or the web designer’s fault or really anyone else’s who helped them along the way.

At least that’s what they think and now they are kind of feeling a little disheartened whenever someone mentions „marketing“ or tries to give them advice.

👉It’s the „I’ve done it all“ feeling.

⚡️⚡️I then ask them if they knew that marketing is not about creating desires but channeling an existing desire onto a product or service.⚡️⚡️

No one seems to get it.

Then they ask me what the hell that means and I say

👉„Look, you think you can just go out there with your product or service,

promote it and create a desire for it and then people will buy it.

You’re wrong.

You cannot create a desire.


and then connect your product or service to their desire.

That’s all marketing can do but it can’t create a desire for your offer."👈

Then they mostly fall silent …

… look at me and say something like

🧐„Ha, interesting. Never thought about it that way“.

👉That’s why working on your brand and your strategy is so fundamental.

Because in doing so you identify your ideal customers and their needs and desires.

That’s when marketing is nice to have but not even essential.

It can leverage your reach but you’ll strike your audiences nerve even without website, business card or anything —-

because you are then clear as hell and your message is sharp as a knife and targets your customers most painful point

——- > their deepest problem and desire.

🔥Why your customers don’t care about your idea.🔥

Most entrepreneurs, especially in the tech world start their business because they think they found the holy grail.

They have a seemingly revolutionary idea, a concept for a product that has never been on the market the way they want to launch it or a combination of different variables in a new and unseen way.

Even though there are a lot of great ideas and concepts out there why is it that most of them fail and disappear into neverland?

It’s because of our very human nature and the fact that to be a successful entrepreneur you have to make a shift in your mindset from normal human to superhuman.

Normal humans think about themselves - only and all the time and are only driven by THEIR problems.

Therefore when they want to start a business they put all their focus and energy into reaffirming their own beliefs, ideas, inventions and concepts. It’s all THEM.

What happens is that they come up with something that may or may not provide value to the market and when they launch after having spent a lot of time, money and effort into everything they often realise that no-one is interested in their idea.

They and maybe some close people were the only ones who thought it’s great.

Superhumans think about others and know and understand that the only way to be a successful entrepreneur is to create value. How do you create value? By offering solutions to REAL EXISTING PROBLEMS. Naturally the first things superhuman do when they have an idea is to double check it with their target audience and see if it is actually based on a real need and or problem.

👉If it’s not forget about it and go look for a problem you can fix or a need you can address

🔥3 Things That Stop You From Making The Difference You Dream Of🔥

👉#1 YOUIt may sound a little weird but yes - what is stopping you from making the difference you dream of in the world is YOU.

When you procrastinate it’s YOUR beliefs and YOUR habits that hold you back.

When you are pessimistic about the outcome of your actions it’s YOUR beliefs that determine the amount and direction of energy you put in and ultimately define the outcome of your actions.

When you have a dream but think that you lack certain skills or character traits to be able to achieve it it is YOUR confirmation of your current identity that keeps you from growing into the identity that can easily achieve your dreams.

It is YOU how you see and define yourself right now who is keeping you from achieving what you want.

Once you realise that there is no one else to blame and you stop the blame-game of being a victim to circumstances then and only then can you start to grow.

You then hand back the keys to your engine to yourself and where you want to go is only up to you.


If you a) don’t define where you want to go as detailed as possible and b)don’t plan how to get there and then c)stick to your planyou are bound to fail … even worse: you won’t get anywhere.

Setting your goals and planning your way to achieve them is essential yet most of us never do it but would agree that it’s totally logical.

And then it’s about sticking to your plan as long as it may take.

Why do we fail to do this?

Because we don’t have enough motivation. What can motivate you the most?


👉# 3 MISSING CONCEPTUAL INTEGRITYIn business it’s all about strategy yet most people focus entirely on tactics.

They obsess about packaging, ads, websites, networking, etc. but have never taken the time to really focus on developing a sound strategy that defines who they are, who their customers are and what the values and promises are that they should adhere to to maintain integrity.

⚡️If you feel like you could use some help message me. ⚡️

⚡THE NO 1 REASON ⚡Many Businesses Struggle To Grow⚡️

is a ...


👉What does clarity even mean you may ask?

googling it's definition it says:"the quality of being coherent and intelligible."

Now let's go one step deeper and see what "coherent" and "intelligible" mean:

coherent = "logical and consistent, forming a unified whole."intelligibile = "able to be understood; comprehensible"

There we go.

👉So in other words a lack of clarity means

🔥a) The way you operate is not logical and consistent and your strategy and your actions don't form a unified whole🔥

Examples:- You may be just selling something without being clear about why your customer might actually want to buy it?!?!? Like why would they buy this thing or service from you when there is so much stuff out there. Which problem are you fixing? --- If you don't know these things, you are bound to be drifting along like a log in the ocean without a clear direction.

- you implement a thousand different ideas from a million different coaches, youtube videos and websites but don't actually follow through any particular path, then wait for feedback from your market and then iterate

🔥b) You lack the ability to be understood by your customers - your way of promoting and selling your offer is incomprehensible to your audience.🔥

Examples:You think your innovation is amazing, your program is awesome and you are the chosen one and are all geeky with your insider language -- but what about your customer? Does he understand you? Do you actually care to speak to your customers in a way that makes sense to them and not to you?

🔥“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Pablo Picasso🔥

This quote reminds me of something I see happening a lot to social and purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Because of their desire to change something, to do good, to be different, to follow their calling, etc. they easily overlook the "pro"-side of business: Everything to do with strategy and numbers.

👉The only way any entrepreneur whether coldblooded or mission-driven can achieve longterm success is by understanding and implementing ALL necessary aspects of running a business himself before he might eventually hire someone to help him out.

This especially involves everything to do with numbers and strategy. I see so many entrepreneurs in my area of expertise who dislike numbers, planning and strategy. And I don't blame them. For a long time I was one of them.

Some have some kind of mindset block thinking that numbers / money etc. are "evil" others just feel like it's not them.

⚡️In any case, Picasso got it. ⚡️

That's one of the reasons why he became very successful while alive whereas most artist reject business-like thinking and then live a life of poverty and misery and it's only after their death when someone comes along who does think like a pro that their work actually makes money.

Even though Picasso most likely spoke about art and techniques I can see this apply to the business world just a s much.

What do you think?